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I am really excited that I am taking over and organising Group Art sessions in Warsash, Hampshire.

The group has been meeting for several years now in Warsash. Over those years many of them have developed into really impressive painters. Anybody who knows them would  admire how far they have come in what is a relatively short period of time. I know I admire their talent and hard work.

I wanted to save the art group….

The sessions used to be run by Kate Lomax. She decided for personal reasons she could no longer do the sessions. I am now taking over the sessions for her.

Taking on an art group for the first time could be a little intimidating for many. However, I felt (or really my gut feeling told me) that the group will support me in the same way that I am supporting them by getting the sessions up and running again. I am taking a bit of a financial risk, but it would have been too easy just to accept that the sessions would no longer run. I felt that life would not be the same without this group of people meeting and I have my faith in their supporting me.

What I hope to give to the group

I just would like to get people trying different styles and help them to find a style that suits them. I also want to encourage people to exaggerate, simplify and leave painting marks when painting. Sometimes a painting needs to look like a painting. Many in the group have already found a style and I do not want to change that, but for those who have not, I want to get them trying different things. In essence I want people to find their own unique style.

I also want to reassure people that it is ok to make mistakes. If anyone tells you that their art projects never go wrong they are probably a liar. The main thing from art is enjoying the process. When someone tells me that something is not quite right, of course, I will try and help them where I can. I will however be equally interested in their thought process.

The media often tells us that we all must be able to paint beautiful country scenes and portraits. If we cannot, we are apparently no good at art. Many of us are disappointed when we struggle with faces or country scenes, even if we can do other things really well. The great painters all had their preferred subjects and styles and many would have hated other subjects and styles. You need to find your style and work with it, rather than against it.

Why I prefer to keep art as a pasttime….

I have spent several years doing art in my free time and love the feeling when a painting or drawing goes right, but I am not a professional artist. Put simply, I would lose all joy from art if I painted or drew pictures just for money. I would be constantly worried that I had to make the painting or drawing ‘appealing’ and ‘marketable’. I could not afford to waste time and make mistakes.

The general public and art galleries are very judgmental of what art they ‘like’ and ‘don’t like’. The only thing that matters to me is whether I am happy with what I’ve done or not. I do not want my enjoyment of art to become income driven. I would probably end up drawing and painting things that would sell, rather than draw and paint just for me. This would suck the fun out of art. Art as a hobby is better for me.

I am however looking forward to helping people where I can….

Helping people, however I can, at art sessions will however be fun and enjoyable and will not feel like a job. As I am not a professional artist I will not always have an immediate answer, but should be able to quickly find out or ask others for ideas. The group has been really good at coming up with ideas and solutions to problems in the past and undoubtedly will do so in the future. Chances are that if I have not come across a particular problem, someone else will have done and will be happy to help. Other than organising the hall, setting up, etc. I feel that my main role will be supporting and encouraging people on their artistic journey.

My first ever art group session….

I have booked everything my end and I am really looking forward to the first group art session scheduled for Wednesday 30th January. I imagine some of the group will do their own projects. Others may want to do a group activity. I have suggested a group activity on cubism for those who want to have a go. Contrary to popular belief, cubism is not all about cubes!

Although I headed the title ‘What I hope to achieve’. This seems a bit wrong now on reflection. My focus is really on what I want the group to achieve.

You could come along to the first session….

On a related note, if you are in the Warsash area on Wednesday afternoon, you could come to my first group art session or future sessions.

Further Information

Further details about the classes can be seen on the Warsash Group Art Classes page.

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