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Hi, I offer Spanish tuition in Fareham, Hampshire, but could travel to you in Gosport, Portsmouth, Southampton, etc.

This page tells you about my Spanish tuition services, but for for an overview of my language tuition services click here.

When could you do Spanish tuition?

I offer private Spanish classes between 9am and 9pm weekdays. I may possibly be flexible as regards times.

How long have I been tutoring Spanish?

Spanish is a language that I have been tutoring for around nine years or thereabouts. It is probably the most popular subject that I offer.

Over the time that I have been teaching Spanish, I have helped people with their language skills:

  • for holidays, short trips, etc.
  • for work purposes
  • for moves abroad

As the sessions I offer are private, you can be sure that unlike group classes, progress and the content of the sessions are designed around you as an individual. If you are moving abroad, for example, I can help you to learn structures and vocabulary that will be useful for everyday life.

What style of teaching do I use during sessions?

I like to give people a hands-on approach to learning Spanish. There is no real substitute to actually using the language. Even if you make mistakes speaking, you can learn from them. Over time you learn how to speak Spanish more effectively and accurately.

You will also improve your accent and pronunication over time.

To achieve your best, we therefore focus on:

  • Practising your language skills as early on as possible through speaking. By doing this, you improve your range of vocabulary, structure and your accuracy. You also improve your accent.
  • Encouraging you to practise your language skills between sessions (wherever possible). I often give people activities to do between sessions. Although the activities are entirely optional, doing a little bit of learning between sessions does make a real difference to learning progress over time.
  • Improving your accent is done through structured speaking practice (as mentioned above). We also focus on pronunciation by going through theory on pronunciation. Some sounds in the Spanish language are different from English.
  • Extending your vocabulary by introducing different topics and situations into tuition.
  • Helping you to express yourself in a range of ways, such as:
    • Expressing wishes (e.g. I want, I would like, etc.)
    • Expressing intentions (e.g. I plan to, I wish, etc.)
    • Expressing obligation (e.g. I must, I have to, etc.)
    • Expressing opinions (e.g. I like, I hate, etc.)
  • Using different tenses, such as the past, future, etc. (e.g. I talk, I talked, I would talk, I will talk, etc.)

Above all, improving your confidence and accuracy using the language is my number one aim.

Customer Reviews for Spanish Tuition

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Spanish Tuition Pricing

Below are approximate prices for Spanish tuition with you coming to me in Fareham for weekly sessions:

Number of PeopleApprox pricing
One person£23/hour
Two people£28.50 - £30 per hour
(= £14.25 - £15/hour per person)
Three people£38 - £42 per hour
(£12.67 - £14/hour per person)
More than three peoplePlease contact me

Me travelling to you: If you wish me to come to you, I do charge extra for travel. For more details please contact me.

Short-term or intensive tuition may be more than that shown above.

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