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Spanish, French, Italian and German Language Tutor

Hi, I’m Adam, a Spanish, French, Italian & German language tutor.

Tuition is always personalised to your needs, whether you are a complete beginner or more advanced.

Currently all language tuition is online (usually using Skype). Sessions in person (in Fareham, Portsmouth, Southampton, etc) will also be possible in the future.

My Language Tuition Services are fun and rewarding!

Learning a language is fun and enjoyable. Don’t just take my word for it, customer reviews are here.

Imagine the next time you go on holiday speaking to locals with confidence in a foreign language. Using my services you could achieve this. This is our goal and together you could do it.

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When do I teach languages?

I usually offer my services as a language tutor any time between 9am and 9pm Monday to Friday. Weekend sessions may also be possible.

How long are sessions?

Typically people tend to do 60 minute or 90 minute sessions.

Nonetheless you could do between, say, 30 minutes and 120 minutes a session, depending on your needs and budget. Pricing is here.


Who could you do tuition with?

You could do tuition by yourself, with friends or family members. The choice is yours!

Do tuition by yourself, with friends or with family members

Key benefits of taking language tuition with me

Some advantages of using me as your language tutor are:

  • Tuition sessions are on a day and time that suit you
  • You can do it at a place that suits you
  • Tuition is at a pace that is right for you, not too fast and not too slow for you as an individual
  • You learn a language in manageable units, using notes I prepare from scratch for you
  • Regular speaking practice is a focus of our sessions
  • During sessions you ask as many questions as you wish and clear up any confusion
  • Tuition is continuously focused on improving your confidence using the language
  • Tutoring is not just a side line for me. It is my job, so my customers are my only focus.

Sessions are also enjoyable and fun!

Imagine speaking a foreign language with confidence farehamtutor co uk

Do I offer a foreign language course farehamtutor co uk

Do I offer foreign language courses or an evening course?

I feel I offer a more enjoyable alternative to a traditional foreign language course or evening course.

Tuition that I offer does have a solid structure. You learn gradually over time in a natural and intuitive way, so that you grow in confidence using the language over time. (More details on how you learn are below).

The support you would receive is greater and much more personal than, say, a college evening class.

How to gain confidence in a foreign language/

How language tuition would be structured

Confidence using a language comes from increasing your knowledge and practice using the language.

Learning a language is all about your developing your skills over time. You learn a bit at a time, piece by piece.

Tuition is focused on:

  • Firstly, growing your knowledge (e.g. vocabulary, language structure, etc.)
  • Secondly, regularly practising and improving your language skills
  • With increased knowledge and regular practice, your confidence increases over time.

Learning in this way is not so different from how you learned as a child to speak your own language.

how language tuition is structured farehamtutor co uk

Can older learners learn a language?

It is a myth that older learners cannot learn a foreign language. Adult learners have many skills that younger learners do not have. Older learners are better strategic learners, in that they are better than young people at knowing what is important for them to learn. They focus on what they need to know, rather than wasting time on areas that are of no use to them. Younger learners tend to be less selective.

Language learning is great for your brain

Learning a language can also have health benefits. Learning a language can even slow down your brain ageing. It can also help against dimentia. Learn a language with me to help for your health!

Language Specific Information

Feel free to contact me using the details (or Contact Form) further below. Alternatively click on one of the language specific pages below:

link to spanish tuition page farehamtutor co uk
link to German tuition page farehamtutor co uk

link to French tuition page farehamtutor co uk
link to Italian tuition page farehamtutor co uk

Book Tuition Today/Further Information

I would love to hear from you whether to wish to book language tuition or have any questions. Contact me now using the Contact Form below or phone me on 01329 234648 / 07759 936430.

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