Spanish, French, Italian and German Language Tutor

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Spanish, French, Italian and German Language Tutor

Hi, I’m Adam, a Spanish, French, Italian & German language tutor.

My foreign language tuition services are aimed at adults wishing to improve their communication skills in a foreign language. With my tuition services you could give your language skills a real and effective boost.

You could learn just the basics, do longer term sessions or even do intensive language tuition. Increasing your confidence using the language is always the number one aim.

I have just over ten years´ experience of helping people just like you, so you can book with confidence.

Covid-19 Update: In light of the government restrictions, only online tuition will be on offer for the timebeing. For full details, please get in touch with me.

My Language Tuition Services are fun and rewarding!

Learning a language with me is fun and enjoyable! I love being a language tutor people enjoy learning too.

Don’t just take my word for it, customer reviews are here.

link to foreign language customer reviews

You can do language tuition online or in person in Hampshire

When do I teach languages?

I usually offer my services as a language tutor any time between 9am and 9pm* Monday to Friday. Weekend sessions may also be possible.

*Early morning (e.g. from 8am)/late night tuition (e.g from 8.30pm) may be a possibility in some circumstances.

How long are sessions?

Typically people tend to do 60 minute or 90 minute sessions. Intensive language tuition is also possible.

Tuition sessions of 30 minutes and 120 minutes a session are also possible.

Pricing for my foreign language tuition services is here.

Who could you do tuition with?

You could do tuition by yourself, with friends or family members. The choice is yours!

Do I offer foreign language courses or an evening course?

As opposed to attending a rigid, inflexible college foreign language course, come to me for personalised learning. We cover key areas without compromising on quality, but can do so in a way that relates much more to your needs to an individual.

Tuition is also affordable. Pricing for my foreign language tuition services is here.

Language Specific Information

Feel free to contact me using the details (or Contact Form) further below. Alternatively click on one of the language specific pages below:

Link to Spanish Tuition page
Link to German Tuition page

Link to Italian Tuition page

Book Tuition Today/Further Information

I would love to hear from you whether to wish to book language tuition or have any questions. Contact me now using the Contact Form below or phone me on 01329 234648 / 07759 936430.

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