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Law Tuition Reviews are below and are from people who have taken law tuition with me.

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“Really pleased with my tutor and he has given me several “light bulb moments” Would definitely recommend to anyone who needs a helping hand! 5/5″ – R. F, law student, Hampshire

“Adam’s guidance has been vital for myself as a law undergraduate. He has extensive knowledge of many areas of the law and is able to make it very understandable. I would not have got such good marks without his help, highly recommended!” – J. M, studied law, Hampshire

“Adam tutored me in Contract Law and I would definitely recommend him. Clearly very knowledgeable in the subject he was well prepared and very organised. A friendly and reliable tutor.” – L. K., studied contract law, West Sussex

“Adam is a very efficient and knowledgable tutor. I am doing a law degree with the OU and my marks have considerably improved  since my weekly tutorials with him. I am much more confident in my essay writing and learning has become a pleasure. Adam has lots of extra material which helps me to expand my knowledge. Highly recommended tutor!” – E. F, East Sussex, Open University (distance learning) mature law student

“Adam has and continues to be a fantastic tutor, he is always prompt to get back to me with any queries or questions I may have with regard to the piece of work I am writing. He is always happy to help, and makes difficult subjects easier to understand. I would highly recommend Adam to any other student that is having difficulty understanding their subject or having trouble writing a piece of coursework.” – B. T, southern Hampshire, law support provided

“I have found my tuition with Adam to be extremely helpful in preparing for my contract law exam. Adam has helped me to understand what the examiners are looking for in the answers and I now feel much more confident in answering questions now. Adam is very friendly and is always very prepared for each session. I would not hesitate to use him again to help me prepare for an exam” – S. C., southern Hampshire, studying contract law at honours degree level

“I found Adam’s tutorial sessions really helpful.   It was good to discuss Equity and Trusts with someone with his  knowledge.  As a distance learner, trying to understand the [equity and trusts] syllabus myself for approximately 12 months was very isolating and  difficult.  Adam’s approach of worksheets, practicing questions he  made up, was refreshing and challenging, but pushed me to understand the  subject more.  His recommended textbooks also helped, which I purchased  cheaply on Amazon.  Adam helped me understand the whole subject as a  whole, and how topics overlapped each other, which I had not grasped myself.   He was friendly and good to work with.  He also made me feel more  confident going into the exam, and I hope I have passed this time. Thank you  very much”. – Mrs B, southern England, studied equity and trusts at honours degree level

“Being in full time work and studying law by distant learning Adam has been of great help. He was able to fit lessons in around my work. His learning style puts the topics into real life examples creating a more realistic picture. I am grateful for Adams help, he has made me understand things in a more simplistic manner and prepared me for my final exams for the GDL.” – Miss C., southern England, studied for GDL exams

“Being a typical student I had left some of my work too late to do and needed urgent help with my work.  Fortunately Adam was kind enough to offer his services and was very professional in his style of teaching.  I managed, with the help of Adam, to submit my assignments in on time, and honestly I don’t think I would have been able to have done so had it not been for the lessons I had with him.  Adam is very thorough and does not skim over explanations.  He helped me to identify the areas where I was going wrong in my work and helped me develop my evaluative skills, as much of my work was based on analyzing case law.  Since submitting my assignments I have gone back to Adam for a revision session as I knew I would be receiving a high quality lesson.

I am forever grateful for Adam’s services and  I would highly recommend.’ – Miss C. Law student, southern England

“[Adam’s] on-line ‘one-on-one’ tuition has provided a hassle free method of tutoring, at hours that suit someone in full time employment. His ability to convey fairly complex areas of contract law in plain English has been much appreciated by a mature student and I am happy to recommend him to anyone considering assistance.” – Mr. W., near Manchester studied for contract law exams at honours degree level

“Adam is very competent at Conveyancing and always makes you feel at ease. I would not hesitate in recommending Adam to any future students.

I found meeting with Adam face to face for long sessions was more beneficial to me rather than struggling to carry on distance learning with my coursework.  Adam has been a massive help to me and I feel much more confident in passing my exam in June.” – Mrs J., near Oxford, studied for her Licensed Conveyancing Exams – passed first time after using my services

“Adam is a very friendly person and he is always prepared for his lessons and has always got notes prepared before you arrive.  He puts a lot of effort into helping his students and has helped me by explaining things in laymens terms rather than legal jargon.  Nothing is too much trouble and it you don’t understand something he will spend time until you do.  Although I have quite a long drive to get to Adam he has helped me tremendously over the last 9 weeks.” – Mrs P., Dorset, studied Equity & Trusts at honours degree level

“Adam is a fantastic tutor. He is patient and friendly and has been very flexible to the needs of a mature student juggling work, children and studying.

Before using Adam’s tutoring services I had taken my….Contract exam twice and failed which has left me with no confidence and wondering how on earth I will ever get back on track. As soon as I spoke to Adam he reassured me and I felt relaxed and confident straightaway.

He takes a structured approach and is more than prepared for each weekly session, I already understand twice as much of the material as I did when sitting at the back of a university classroom.

One to one learning is always the best and most personal approach and with Adam I could not be happier.” – Mrs P., southern Hampshire, studied Contract Law at honours degree level – passed exam first time after using my services

“I found Adam’s tutoring to be highly professional. Due to the distance between us, I chose tutoring ‘on-line’, using a headset for communication. Although initially hesitant in using this method, I would now certainly recommend it. I was able to raise any points for discussion as if in a ‘one to one’ environment and read through handouts downloaded for each topic covered. I would have no hesitation recommending Adam for tutoring” – Mrs C., Devon, studied Probate & Succession at honours degree level

“It is not easy juggling a full-time job sometimes demanding job with irregular hours and then go home and study.  I chose Adam because after seeing his profile and the fact that he has succeeded in so many….exams which meant that he would fully understand what was needed for me to succeed in the examinations……..Living abroad does not give me the luxury of attending an evening class so having an online tutor has been indispensable for me. The good thing about finding Adam as an online tutor is that questions can be addressed immediately which was what I needed, particularly, in terms of the time I can dedicate to my studies. What has been important for me has been his approach to the area I have been struggling with which is the exam questions.  Adam has taken me through a step-by-step approach which has been clear and succinct.  The moment we made contact I felt completely at ease as he has such a warm manner and approach. The on-the-spot question sessions we do places me in a position where I can demonstrate my knowledge of the subject matter and can really get me thinking. He provides me with worksheets so I know that he has come prepared for each lesson. He has also been extremely flexible and accommodating.

There is always a solution to a problem and Adam has been mine. Without a doubt, I would highly recommend him to any future students. I am looking forward to continuing studying with him” – Miss G., studied Contract Law and Civil Litigation at honours degree level – passed both exams first time after using my services

“Adam is an excellent tutor, patient and kind. He helped me a lot with my studies providing me with material in order to create an easy format for my lessons. He is helping me to build my knowledge towards the final assessment. My academic progression is much better now. It’s definitely a great experience. I will always be grateful for his help”
– Miss A-K., studied criminal law at degree level

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