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Hi, I’m Adam and offer online law tuition* to university level law students.

*Law tuition in person may be possible in some (limited) circumstances in Fareham, Hampshire (or possibly Portsmouth or Southampton areas). However all tuition should be online wherever possible. Contact me for full details.

Tuition is typically offered weekdays any time between 9am to 9pm.

**Update 7th November: Government restrictions mean that I cannot offer in person sessions until further notice. Online tuition nonetheless is possible and does work well.

What law tuition services are offered?

I offer law tuition to help you with your studies in the following ways:

  • Law Course Support
    • Do you have problems understanding a topic or an entire law area? I could help you to break your law areas down into easy to learn units.
  • Examination technique
    • Do you lose marks in exams, because you don´t structure your answers in the correct way? Do you find it difficult to express yourself effectively in exams? Do you run out of time in exams? I could help you to improve your accuracy and time management skills.
  • Law exam preparation
    • I can help you to build up your legal knowledge and confidence applying the legal rules, so that you feel more prepared for your law exams.
    • We could also focus on key areas and past papers, sample questions, etc.
  • Assignment Support
    • All work must be your own, but I can provide support to help you to understand your law topics and law areas better.
    • I can also help you to understand the general theory on how you should structure assignments effectively.
    • I can also point you in the right direction to help you to find research materials to give your work more depth (e.g. academic articles, etc.).

When and where law tuition can take place

Which law students could I help?

I offer help to:

  • University law students studying a law degree
  • Students studying on distance learning courses for law (e.g. Open University law courses)
  • Students studying law units as part of another degree or distance learning course

Which law areas can I teach?

Which areas of law could I help you with?

The main areas I have helped law students with at honours degree level are:

  • Company law
  • Contract law
  • Criminal law
  • Equity and Trusts law
  • European Union law
  • Property law
  • Public law
  • Tort law (also known as ‘The law of torts’)

I have also helped with certain aspects of other areas, such as family law, human rights and equality. If you have a specific need feel free to contact me.

How Qualified I Am

I began offering law tuition around ten years ago now. I started offering these services several months after I completed the Legal Practice (assessed at postgraduate level).

Prior to then I worked a number of years in solicitor´s practices. Whilst working in law firms I studied law and completed a number of ILEX Level 6 law exams (now CILEX Level 6) which were all assessed at honours degree level. I successfully completed these exams in eight law areas and one legal practice area.

In my last role (before starting the Legal Practice Course) I worked for a number of years at a solicitor’s practice advising clients, preparing legal documentation, etc.

The beauty of my background is I have worked in a number of legal departments in different roles, so have a practical knowledge of different law areas. Effectively I started with very little knowledge up to becoming a (non-practising) Solicitor.

For more information about me feel free to contact me using the form below or see my About Me page.

Prices for Law Tuition

Please see my Pricing Page for full details on current pricing, but by way of indication it would be typically £23 for one hour´s one-to-one tuition.

Contact Form

Feel free to contact me about my law tuition services by completing the form below.

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