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I am a foreign language tutor who could help you with could give tutor you Spanish, French, Italian, German or Dutch.

I am based in Fareham, Hampshire, but could travel to you in other towns and cities in the area (e.g. Portsmouth, Southampton, etc.).

Take the first step to improving your language skills. Taking tuition with me could help you to practise and improve your speaking skills as well as pronunciation.

Learning a language can also be an exciting and empowering thing to do. A common thing people say to me is they wish they had started learning a language years ago.

When and where could we do tuition?

I am from Fareham, so naturally could do tuition there. Alternatively I could travel to you. The main areas I would normally tutor are:

  • Fareham
  • Portsmouth
  • Southampton

As regards times, I offer tuition from 9am to 9pm weekdays. A one-off weekend session may alternatively be possible.

Details of Language Tuition Levels offered

I am happy to teach:

  • French, Spanish, Italian and German to beginners and more advanced learners
  • Dutch* I currently offer at beginner’s level

* Dutch is an exciting new language I am offering.

What age are my learners?

I specialise in helping adults of all ages, including mature learners.

Everyone, regardless of their age, can learn a foreign language. Many mature learners have successfully learnt a language with me.

What teaching style do I adopt?

My number one aim is to build your confidence and ability in the target language as effectively as possible. I teach through a mixture of speaking practice and theory. Essentially:

  • We would do a lot of speaking practice during sessions to increase your confidence and experience using the language.
  • Learning how to express yourself naturally can be achieved through learning new vocabulary and structures. We therefore look at vocabulary and theory that will help you to say more and express yourself in a natural way.

My aim is to help you to become a confident independent foreign language speaker.

I would teach you in a way that is logical and natural for you. Some people are visual learners whereas others are more analytical. Tuition would therefore be adapted to suit your preferred learning style.

Taking tuition sessions with me helps many people to bridge the gap between language theory and speaking the language properly.

Would I be learning by myself or with others?

You could do tuition by yourself or with friends, family members, etc. It is totally up to you.

If you do tuition with someone else, you could split the cost.

Can I learn with you if I have a busy schedule?

In an ideal world everyone would have lots of free time. The reality however is that most people have busy lives with little time to do a hobby.

You can be safe in the knowledge that tuition is designed to have your busy schedule in mind. You can do as little (or as much) work between sessions as you wish. As a language tutor, my job is to help you to make the most of the time we spend during sessions.

Essentially if you cannot do any work between sessions, that should not stop you doing tuition sessions with me.

Can you as a language tutor help me if I have never learnt a language before?

Most people when they first come to see me either have never learnt a foreign language before or struggled in the past. I am experienced at helping complete beginners to improve their foreign language skills in a logical and natural way.

I can teach you how to make sentences yourself, what endings to put where, etc. The skills you learn during tuition could be useful to you for life.

Further Background Information about me

I started learning foreign languages at a young age (around 25 years or so ago). I started off learning French at first followed by Spanish, Italian and German. As regards Dutch, this is a language I started learning independently around five years ago or so.

My interest in foreign languages came partially from foreign holidays and partially from the fun of learning something different. From a young age I admired people who could speak several languages and wanted to be one of them.

I started tutoring in 2010. I think that my first ever language learner wanted to learn French. Since then I have helped many people in Spanish, French, German and Italian. (Dutch is a new language for me to teach).

A common question people ask me is how can someone speak several languages. For me each language is very different. If I speak Spanish I think in terms of Spanish structure. If I speak French, I think in terms of French structure, etc. Although they are all languages, they are all very different from each other.

By way of qualifications, around 17 years ago or thereabouts I completed A-levels in Spanish and French, AS-level in Italian and a GCSE in German. Most of my knowledge however has come from reading, regularly watching foreign tv and personal study over the many years since then.

Customer Reviews for Language Tuition

You can see customer reviews on my Language Tutoring Services Reviews page.


Approximate prices for foreign language tuition* or degree level law tuition based on you coming to me in Fareham for weekly sessions are:

Number of PeopleApprox pricing
One person£23/hour
Two people£28.50 - £30 per hour
(= £14.25 - £15/hour per person)
Three people£38 - £42 per hour
(£12.67 - £14/hour per person)
More than three peoplePlease contact me

* Dutch would be less than that shown above.

If you wish me to come to you, I do charge extra for travel. For more details please contact me.

Short-term or intensive tuition may be more than that shown above.

Payment by transfer (or possibly cheque).

Contact Details

Take the first step to improving your language skills today by booking a session with me. You may surprise yourself at how much you learn.

My contact details are:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 01329 234648 (Feel free to phone me any time between 9am and 9pm daily)
  • Address: 43 Miller Drive, Fareham, Hampshire PO16 7LY
Contact Form

Feel free to contact me using the Contact Form below.

I will usually reply to you within a few hours, but if you need a more urgent reply feel free to phone me.

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