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Hi, I’m Adam, a foreign language tutor based in the south of Hampshire who could teach you Spanish, French, Italian, German & Dutch (or improve your existing skills).

Currently all language tuition is online.

Once the Coronavirus is under control, I will also offer tuition in person in Fareham, Hampshire as well as in Gosport, Portsmouth, Southampton, etc.

When could you do language lessons?

Weekdays: I offer language tuition from 9am to 9pm weekdays. I may be flexible with times, depending on your needs.

Weekends: Weekend sessions may also be possible. Get in touch if you are interested in a weekend session.

What makes my language tuition services different?

Tutoring to people just like you is my one and only job. I can therefore my time on preparing for your personalised sessions.

In fact, this has also been my only job since 2010. Having offered sessions most weeks Monday to Friday over almost ten years means I have a lot of practical hands-on experience. I have almost inevitably helped other people with similar needs to yours.

With the current exception of the Coronavirus situation, normally I offer sessions at your home, your work or here in Fareham. I also offer early sessions, daytime sessions as well as evening sessions. Weekend sessions may be available on request. I want to help you however I can, whenever I can.

On a separate note, if you would like to do sessions for a day, a week, a few weeks, months or years, I am here for you.

Customer Reviews for Language Tuition

I pride myself on giving everyone an enjoyable and practical experience during tuition sessions. However, do not take my word for it! The following are some of the things language tuition customers (past and present) have said about me:

I would definitely recommend Adam if….looking for extra tuition.’

[Tuition is] extremely worth while. He’s very patient and friendly…. would recommend for anyone interested in learning a new language.’

patient and friendly

Adam is very patient and very knowledgeable. His lessons are well planned and paced, and he is always happy to break things down or go on separate tangents if required. He is also a very easy going and likeable person. I would definitely recommend language lessons from Adam.

‘I find myself growing in confidence with the language….I am also thoroughly enjoying the learning experience.’

You can see the original full versions of these (and more) reviews by clicking on the link immediately below.

Link to language tuition customer reviews farehamtutor co uk

Language Levels Offered

Whether you have been learning a language for a while or are a beginner, I can help you.

I offer the tuition at the following levels:

  • French, Spanish, Italian and German I offer from beginner’s level to more advanced levels
  • Dutch* I currently offer at beginner’s level

* Dutch is an exciting new language I am offering. To begin with I am offering this for beginners only.

What if I have never learnt a language before?

Most people have never learnt a foreign language before. This is a common situation. You may initially need a little time to adjust to the new language, but don’t worry. Learning a language is a gradual process.

Regardless of your ability, my aim is to teach you in a logical and natural way. You are the only one(s) learning, so my focus is 100% on you and what works (and what doesn’t work) for you.

Together we can improve your conversational language skills, pronunciation and confidence.

Learning a language is also fun and enjoyable.

Many people tell me they wish they had started learning a language years ago. Why not start learning a language with me asap? You have nothing to lose and who knows, you may actually enjoy it!

Background Information about me

The above information is a brief introduction only. For more detailed information about me, please see my About Me page.


Approximate prices are shown below for my services as a language tutor* based on weekly online sessions:

One person£12 for 30 minutes*
£17.75 for 45 minutes*
£23 for 60 minutes
£33 for 90 minutes

* These shorter sessions may be available on request
Two people£15.25 for 30 minutes*
£21.85 for 45 minutes*
£28.50 for 60 minutes
£41.50 for 90 minutes
* These shorter sessions may be available on request
Three or more peoplePlease contact me

* Dutch would be less than that shown above.

Short-term, non-weekly or intensive tuition may possibly be more than that shown above.

Travel (when possible in the future) will be extra, but I will try and keep this low.

Specific Information about individual language services

You can read about my individual language services by clicking on one of the following links:

Spanish TuitionFrench TuitionGerman TuitionItalian TuitionDutch Tuition

Contact Details
01329 234648
43 Miller Drive, Fareham, Hampshire PO16 7LY

You can also contact me using the following contact form below.

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