Language Tuition Customer Reviews

Below are some language tuition customer reviews from past customers. They are in the following order:

  • Reviews on external pages immediately below;
  • Then Spanish tuition reviews;
  • Then French tuition reviews;
  • Then Italian tuition reviews; and
  • Towards the bottom of the page German tuition reviews

Language Tuition Customer Reviews on external pages

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Please note: I only recently opened this accounts, so there are only a few reviews on these sites. Over time the number of reviews on those sites will increase).

Spanish Tuition Customer Reviews

“Myself and my partner have been receiving Spanish tuition through Adam for just over a year and have enjoyed our time together. Adam is attentive and organised and thorough is his teaching. All lessons are structured but also going at a reasonable pace which suits us. Adam has also been flexible with our busy schedules which has been greatly appreciated. Highly recommend”. – Mr. P., southern Hampshire

“Adam has introduced Natalie and I into Spanish really well. We have been doing it around 6 months now and are already able to recognise plenty of words and phrases and are beginning to structure sentences.” – A. L, southern Hampshire

“We originally approached Adam after seeing his contact details online. We then arranged a few lessons to see how things would develop. My wife and I were looking for personal lessons geared towards us both speaking Spanish fluently in the long term.

Six months on we are both very pleased with our progress so far. Adam offers a one on one or in our case a two on one service geared towards his clients’ aims. He worked from the starting point that we had virtually no knowledge of the language and now we can converse in Spanish, as happened recently on holiday!

We would both recommend Adam if you are looking for a bespoke Spanish language tutor, we are way ahead of where we though we would be after just six months of his tutorship” – D. C. & E. C., southern Hampshire

“Adam’s tutoring sessions are always very well structured and planned. The material content and level taught during each session is always of a natural progression. The materials are self explanatory which makes it useful when completing self study. I also think its valuable that Adam is English, sounds simple however it’s very beneficial having an English tutor teaching you another language as they understand the English though process and relevant comparisons rather than a a Spanish teach[er] trying to teach you Spanish. Adam is a good and kind tutor and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to learn another language”. – R. H, southern England, learned Spanish

“I undertook a six hour ‘Holiday Language Tuition’ course on a one to one basis with Adam….ahead of my self drive holiday to Spain. I wanted a one to one session so that I could progress at a speed I found I could manage. I had not been studying for a few years and was a little apprehensive as to the teaching method and what would be expected of me. Additionally I discounted various group learning situations since I did not want to delay other students or be waiting for them.

From the outset I felt that I had made the right choice. Adam quickly put me at my ease with his quiet easy going style of instruction. It was immediately apparent that he was extremely knowledgeable and he adopted a level and speed of tuition to suit my needs. We progressed through various conversational holiday situations which I found extremely valuable. Adam took me through basic grammar and gave me the confidence and ability to construct basic sentences. His preprepared notes enabled me to consolidate what he had taught me in my own time.

He created a relaxed atmosphere in which to learn, was patient and willing to repeat instruction in areas of concern. I could see that he wanted me to understand what he was teaching and wanted me to progress.

I would certainly recommend Adam to anyone who wants to learn a foreign language and to those who perhaps have been away from learning for a while and are a little nervous at the thought of it”– P.B, southern Hampshire.

“Adam is a brillant tutor, with a warm and welcoming personality that makes it easy to get along with him. The lessons are well planned and enjoyable. Would recommend Adam to anyone looking into finding a tutor. 5 stars out of 5” – B. Q, southern Hampshire, learned Spanish for personal reasons

“I can recommend Adam. He plans interesting and well-structured lessons that give a really good grounding in grammar and sentence structure. He has a kind and supportive manner: my confidence is increasing and I am enjoying learning'”. – C. C., southern Hampshire, learned Spanish for personal reasons

“I had some tuition with Adam to supplement my level 1 college course in Spanish. I found it very helpful to support my understanding of the verbs and grammar used and found that Adam is happy to teach at a pace that suits the individual and explains it in a way that made sense to me.” – G. D., southern Hampshire, learned Spanish for personal reasons

“My partner and I had 12 x 2 hour sessions with Adam to learn Spanish. Adam’s style is relaxed and effective and he took us through the basics of Spanish grammar at a good pace. We now feel that we have a good understanding of how the language is structured and will be able to take that forward into further learning.” – L. W., Fareham, studied Spanish with partner

“Excellent tutor committed long terms to my needs very professional and look forward to learning with Adam for a long time. Highly reccomended”. – P. Y. southern Hampshire, studying Spanish

“I have been studying Spanish with Adam in preparation for my trip to Spain and would highly recommend him. Having started with practically no understanding of Spanish, Adam has helped me gain both confidence and knowledge in key areas of the language and has done so in a thoroughly helpful and supportive manner. His lesson preparations are structured entirely to cater for my personal ability and he is always flexible concerning the lesson content. Furthermore, Adam’s patience combined with the friendly and relaxed atmosphere he creates in lessons, has ensured that I am making excellent progress.” – G. H-M, Hampshire, learning Spanish

“I have been taking Spanish lessons with Adam for nearly 4 months and have been progressing really well. Adam is able to adapt to peoples abilities and help you progress in a friendly and fun atmosphere. Adam is very flexible with his schedule and provides both written and oral conversations to help improve your confidence and knowledge. Highly recomended.” – A. D. (southern Hampshire), studying Spanish

I have been studying Spanish with Adam for a number of weeks now, and feel the structured manor of his lessons have helped me no end. I am sure that with his continued instruction that I will reach my goals in the Spanish language”. – R. C, southern Hampshire, studied Spanish language

“Adam has a good manner and is very knowledgeable. He takes the time to explain things and he does this very well. He provides very good course notes and structures the tuition to ensure that learning a new language is not quite so daunting as we had envisaged. His sessions are both relaxed and enjoyable and we are pleased with the progress we are making”. – Mr. & Mrs A., southern Hampshire, studied Spanish – now living in Spain

French Language Tuition Customer Reviews

“From the first contact Adam has been most informative explaining and setting out things clearly. The lessons have been well structured and at a pace I am happy with. Adam is very approachable and there is no problem for him to go over something again if required.
Overall I would recommend Adam for French tuition.” N. S., southern Hampshire, United Kingdom

“I first approached Adam for language tuition 9 weeks ago when my work told me I would be working in France for 6 months at short notice. Since then we have met weekly for 2 hour slots. Adam is very good at relaying knowledge in an informal and relaxed environment, avoiding the shortfalls which meant I struggled in school language learning. The resources provided are excellent and he made an effort to find the vocabulary specific to my working environment. He was able to adapt to my tight time frame and change the pace of learning as required. Finally, he manages all of this at a reasonable and competitive rate. All in all I have had an enjoyable 8 weeks learning french and would recommend Adams’ tuition to anyone”. – J. S., southern Hampshire, learned French for work purposes

“Adam provides individually tailored classes and gives just enough material to allow you to absorb without being fully inundated. Which slowly builds to a solid foundation. A far more sustainable approach to Language learning than quick fix phrases.” – K. O., southern Hampshire, learned French for personal reasons

“Adam has a lovely attitude towards teaching a novice, mature student like myself!!  He has allowed me to work at my own pace, sharing his wealth of experience and knowledge which in effect has helped me to develop a good learning outcome.  Adam has a great personality and a good approach to teaching, i would not hesitate to recommend him.”D. E., local resident, studied French

“My hubby and I will be moving lock, stock and barrel to France. I only have ‘Schoolgirl French’ i.e. words such as la maison, petits pois, combien, etc. but could not put a sentence together. I have also recently attended evening classes at a college, but personally found that it didn’t offer me what I was after as they concentrated more on the grammar rather than the conversation, and with a large group I felt it knocked my confidence. I then found Adams details and although it is early days yet, I feel far more confident on a 1-1 and Adam conveys it in such a way that it makes it enjoyable and easier to understand. I will be continuing with Adam, whereas I didn’t with the evening classes” – Mrs W., local resident, studied French

“After spending many years trying to learn a second language without success, Adam has given me what is needed to learn French. Not only has he delivered the basics to start learning, but has given it in a way that I can now start to build my own phrases. Adam is willing to stray away from the curriculum and show you techniques that will help you understand French in your own way. Thanks to Adam, I will be able to, with confidence, restart my efforts to learn a second language” – Mr. C., southern Hampshire, studied French Holiday Language Tuition

Italian Tuition Reviews

“I have had three 1 hour and a half sessions with Adam to practise my Italian skills, and have been impressed by with the way he gets information across in a way that is easy to understand. In these sessions I have been able to practise existing knowledge while combining it with knew to get a much fuller understanding of how the language works, as well as some new vocab! 5/5.”J. R., Whiteley, Hampshire, took Italian Tuition

“Great tutor and nice person to work with. Went at a good pace and helped make learning a language a lot less stressful. Very knowledgeable.” – R. S., Hedge End, took Italian Tuition

“Adam teaches in a relaxed and friendly manner. He has built on my basic Italian vocabulary and encouraged me to put it into practice. The classes are structured to introduce a new “topic” in each class building on what we have covered previously. Class times are scheduled to fit in with my requirements and the classes are excellent value for money. One-to-one with Adam is definately the way to learn a language. Grazie, Adam” – J. H., took Italian Tuition

“I have been very happy with the sessions I have had with you. I am not used to one-to-one tuition, so the individual attention is very beneficial. I am pleased you can note the particular grammar with which I have a problem and then work on these items.” – Mrs N, local resident, took Italian Tuition

“I am enjoying Italian lessons with Adam and feel that I am certainly getting to grips with my understanding of the framework of the language in order for me now to progress to conversational Italian.

What works very well for me is that Adam has a very relaxed and informal approach to teaching which puts my mind at ease when I feel I might not be understanding something. I never feel pressured or uncomfortable and Adam is full of encouragement when I feel like I am getting in a muddle or don’t think I understand something very well.

I have a very busy working life that doesn’t leave much time for additional learning time, so what works for me is that we can take the learning process at a pace that suits me and with recapping over what we have done in previous weeks, yet learning new words, phrases or grammar each week I do feel I am remembering what I learn and do feel I’m progressing.

It’s fun to finally feel I am learning a language which I can use on regular trips to Italy, when I never thought I would be able to, or would have time.

So thank you Adam very much and keep up the encouragement, but equally tell me if you feel at any point I am not improving!”. – Mr. T., southern Hampshire, took Italian Tuition

German Tuition Reviews

“5/5 – I have been lucky in finding Adam as a tutor, he quickly assessed my learning needs and created a bespoke course over the 5 months I had. I am now off to Bremen to take up a Director’s post confident I can deal with cope with everyday German. I feel he has accelerated me from complete beginner to close to intermediate level in the time he has been tutoring me. I would highly recommend him for anyone wishing to learn a language.” – J. P, Hampshire (but soon Germany), learning German for a new job as a Director of an international school in Germany

“Patience is always a good attribute and Adam has it in spades” – S. J., southern Hampshire, learnt German for trips abroad

“Adam is a patient, structured and effective lanuage [tutor] – I can not
recommend him enough” – T. C, southern England, studied German

“Adam is very good with languages. He helped me understand the way German is spoken in everyday situations and he also explained the structure of the language very well. The lessons were very directed and well planned with handouts explaining all the expressions and words we looked at. Overall, it helped me greatly and I would certainly recommend him to other prospective students” – Mr. W., studied German Holiday Language Tuition

“Although my time learning German with Adam was short, I found him a competent and understanding teacher. One of the main reason why I would go back to see Adam in the future is because of his ability to teach and cater for the individual students needs. His knowledge of Germany was the first thing that appealed to me, and which I found of paramount importance to my studies. I would not hesitate in recommending Adam to any family member or business colleague” Mr. T., southern Hampshire, studied German Holiday Language Tuition

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