La Tomatina (Tomato Festival)

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La Tomatina is known as the Tomato Festival, which takes place yearly in Spain. It is a famous festival and well known around the world. I wanted to tell you all about the festival.  Therefore I have just found some great articles, which tell you more about the festival as follows:

The Spanish version is quite challenging. Consequently do not panic if you do not fully understand everything at first.

How to make the most of reading complicated Spanish texts such as this one

One good technique to make the most out of reading complicated Spanish articles is:

  • Read the article once at a normal pace, but do not look up new words
  • Then read the article once again more slowly, but again do not look up new words
  • Afterwards read through the article looking only the words that you feel are completely hindering your understanding
  • Then read it through again
  • Finally look up other words you do not understand

The idea is initially to get a gist of what the text is about, then gradually get a better understanding of the detail. This will teach you to try to understand texts without necessarily knowing all the words used.

To help you with the Spanish text, here is some key vocabulary from the text to help you

  • la fama = fame
  • la batalla = battle/fight/struggle
  • encantador = delightful
  • encarnizado = bloodshot/fierce
  • campal = fierce
  • el lanzamiento = throw/launching
  • monstruoso = monstrous
  • el desfile = parade/procession
  • estrecho = narrow
  • el olor = smell
  • la madrugada = early morning
  • dedicarse = to engage in
  • retumbar = to thunder/to boom
  • el empedrado = paved
  • dispuesto a = available to/willing to
  • descargar = to unload/to discharge
  • tirar = to throw
  • la tonelada = ton
  • la semilla = seed
  • el cohete = rocket
  • la pulpa = pulp
  • arrojar = to throw
  • la manguera = hose
  • la locura = madness

Hopefully you now know more about La Tomatina. If you have questions about any vocabulary or expressions in the Spanish version of the text, feel free to ask me.

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