Group Art – Covid Procedures and Rules

Covid-19 Update (1st December 2020): Group Art Sessions are now scheduled to restart in January 2021.

You should consult current NHS Guidelines when deciding whether to come to art

With the risk of Covid-19 still around at the moment I am leaving to it each individual to decide whether to come to art sessions. However my strong recommendation is:

If in doubt on anything please consult a medical professional (e.g. a GP).

Keeping Socially Distanced

  • No matter what, please keep at least 2 metres away from other people wherever possible. This includes me, other people coming to art, postal staff, pedestrians, the hall manager, etc.
  • I will remind people to keep at least the distance where required to do so.

You must not come to art if required to self-isolate

You must not come to art and must self-isolate immediately if:

  • You have (or have had) a high temperature, a new, continuous cough or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste
  • You have tested positive for coronavirus
  • You live (or have lived) with someone who has symptoms or has tested positive for Coronavirus
  • Anyone in your support bubble has (or has had) symptoms or has tested positive for Coronavirus
  • NHS Test and Trace has told you that you have been in contact with a person with Coronavirus
  • You have been in contact with anyone who has displayed Coronavirus symptoms or tested positive for Coronavirus
  • You are required to self-isolate due to arriving in the UK from a country with a high coronavirus risk. Please see: page on when you need to self-isolate when arriving in the UK (from abroad)

Please note that if it appears to me that you have any of the above symptoms/circumstances, you will be told to leave immediately and asked to self-isolate and seek medical advice. This is for everyone´s safety.

I hope that none of the above ever applies to any of you, but if any of the above does apply to you (or are unsure), please ensure you do NOT come to art and to contact me immediately.

Alerting me and Hall Manager if you develop Covid-19 Symptoms

If you develop Covid-19 symptoms within 7 days of any visit to the hall please contact me immediately (on 01329 234648) as well as the hall manager (on 01489 572913).

Note: You should also contact the Government Test and Trace service and follow their advice and procedures.

Using hand-sanitiser on arrival and on departure

  • Once you enter the building, please use the hand-sanitiser dispenser to clean your hands
  • On departure you are encouraged to use the hand-sanitiser again
  • You are also encouraged to wash your hands regularly during sessions
  • You are strongly advised to bring with your hand-sanitiser, so that you can use it throughout sessions and in your vehicle, on the bus, train, etc.

Room Capacity

  • The number of people who can come along to art will be limited for the foreseeable future. This is for everyone´s safety.

What you must wear

  • Everyone needs to wear a face mask (subject to government exemptions, etc.*).
  • The face mask is a legal requirement.

* Please contact me now if you have exemption from wearing a face mask (or if it would cause you difficulty to wear one or you have another legitimate reason for not wearing one), so we can discuss everything. (It would be unsafe to discuss everything in person and this will avoid any confusion when we see each other in person).

Test and Trace

To support the NHS Test and Trace programme, I will be keeping a record of all visitors to the hall for art. The aim of the NHS Test and Trace programme event is stop the spread of Covid-19. The visitor record will include details of:

• your name
• your contact phone number
• the date of your visit
• your arrival time
• your departure time

I will only share your details with NHS Test and Trace, if asked.

Each visitor record will be destroyed after 21 days have passed (i.e. on the 22nd day)*.

You can opt out of the Test and Trace system if you wish, but are strongly recommended not to do so.

* Please note that I am also required to keep a record of all visitors for the hall´s (and my own) insurance purposes. The visitor record I keep is kept in line with my Privacy Policy.

Me to wear a face mask at all times

I will wear a face mask at all times*.

* I will be happy to remove my face mask where necessary to do so, for example, for people who rely on lip reading.

Bringing the least items you can to sessions

  • Please bring the minimum amount of equipment necessary to each session.*
  • Please ensure you clean all items once home.
  • Nobody will be allowed to share anything during sessions.*

* Before you come to each session ask yourself whether you really need to bring each item or whether it can stay home. Only items that you need should be brought along. Essentially if you can avoid using the item during the session please leave it at home.

Clean items, vehicle, hands, etc. once home

Please ensure you clean all items you bring along to sessions once home.

You are also advised to wash your hands as well the inside of your car once home.

Doors, windows, etc.

All relevant doors and windows will already be open prior to your arrival. Please do not touch doors, doorknobs, etc. unless you cannot avoid it (e.g. for privacy in the toilet or to avoid injury, for example, because the wind is closing the door and might injure you).

Sharing materials, etc.

  • Nobody will be allowed to share any materials during sessions. This is to reduce the possible spread of Covid-19 through objects. It is also designed to ensure social distancing is maintained at all times.

Drinks, etc.

  • I will not be able to serve drinks or biscuits during sessions. This is for everyone´s safety.

Please queue and wait outside on arrival

  • On arrival please queue up outside the side entrance door, maintaining at least a 2 metre distance from each other whilst queuing.
  • Please wait there until I invite you each in. (Each person will be invited in individually, so please wait patiently until I indicate that you can come in).
  • Please use the hand-sanitiser on arrival to clean your hands.
  • Please ensure you maintain at least a 2 metre distance at all times from each other and anyone else (e.g. other visitors).


  • Maintaining social distancing and minimising risk at the hall is a priority. For this reason, the kitchen is out of bounds for us for the foreseeable future.

Wash clothes once home

You are advised to wash your clothes when you get home to reduce the risk of transmission.

Activities you can do during art

You are welcome to draw, paint, use oil pastels, etc. On a practical level, the kitchen is still off limits for now (which is where in normal circumstances you could normally clean brushes, etc). This means that if you wish to paint (or similar, such as using oil pastels) at the hall:

  • If you need water (or anything else) to clean brushes, etc. please bring that along with you in suitable containers.
  • You can clean brushes at your table (by cleaning your brushes in the containers, ensuring you do not spill any liquid, etc).
  • You would need to take any water (and other brush cleaning material) home with you in your containers.
  • There is a toilet area where you can clean your hands, but you may find it useful to bring along hand wipes for paint, etc.
  • Please throw any hand wipes you use immediately into the bins provided.
  • You would need to bring a table cover (preferred) or adequate newspaper along to protect your table from paint.
  • It is strongly recommended that you wear old clothes that you would not mind getting paint on. You are also strongly advised to wear an apron.
  • Please do NOT clean brushes, etc. in the toilet area.
  • As detailed elsewhere, nobody will be allowed to share anything during sessions.

No sharing or swapping of tables, chairs, etc.

  • This has never been the case, but there will be no sharing (or swapping) of tables.
  • You must not change tables, chairs, etc. (If there is a problem with anything, please tell me)

Sessions themselves

  • While you are at art please stay at your table, only leaving to go to the toilet area (see below) or in the case of emergency.

Toilet facilities

  • If you need to use the toilet facilities, please use the ones near the main entrance (Do NOT use the ones behind the kitchen, as all this area is closed off for our normal purposes).
  • Please go straight there and back again
  • Please ensure you wash your hands thoroughly, for at least 20 seconds, using the soap provided.
  • Please ensure that you are at least 2 metres from everyone else at all times.
  • The hall has put up a sign saying that no more than two people should be in the toilet area at any one time. Please respect this and any other signs put up by the hall.
Please retain social distancing of 2 metres even if I am out of the room
  • I cannot be in the room 100% of the time, for example, if I need to use toilet facilities. However I will make such visits as infrequently and quick as possible.
  • Please ensure that you keep social distancing of at least 2 metres even if I am not in the room.
On departure
  • On departure you will leave one at a time (rather than together). Please remain at your table until I indicate you can leave.
  • You exit through the fire doors.
  • You must always keep 2 metres away from everyone else at all times and even after leaving.
  • You are strongly encouraged to use the hall hand-sanitiser (or your own hand-sanitiser) immediately before leaving.
  • Once home, please clean your hands thoroughly.
Cleaning and packing away tables, etc.
  • Before you arrive I will put out the tables, chairs, etc. and clean them.
  • After you leave I will put away the tables, chairs, etc. after cleaning them.
  • Nobody other than me is permitted to put out or put away tables, chairs, etc.
Rubbish, etc.
  • A rubbish bin will be provided for use during sessions in the Hook Room. I will remove this after the sessions.
  • A further rubbish bin is also in each of the toilet areas.
Windows and Doors to remain open during sessions
  • Windows and doors that are open must be kept open during all sessions to allow for as much ventilation as possible.
  • On cold days you may wish to bring an extra layer of clothing with you just in case, but the windows and doors must remain open even on cold days.
Sneezes, etc.
  • Cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing with a tissue or sleeve (not your hands).
  • Throw the tissue immediately in a bin* and wash hands thoroughly.

* Bins are available in the room itself and the toilet.

Please bring a spare mask and a plastic bag to every session

Please try to bring at least one spare clean mask and a plastic bag to every session.

  • The spare mask is in case your existing mask needs to be changed for a new clean one.
  • The plastic bag is to take your mask home with you.

If you do not have a spare mask, a limited supply of extra ones can be provided. Please ask for one.

When you should change your mask

As adapted from Current government advice indicates that you should change your face mask when:

  • It becomes damp or if it has been touched
  • You should also change your mask if it soiled, is damaged, does not fit you properly, etc.

As adapted from government advice, if you need to replace a face mask whilst there you should:

1. Ensure to wash hands thoroughly using soap before removing face mask. (Only handle the straps, ties or clips whilst removing the mask)

2. Do NOT give the face mask to someone else to use

3. If your mask is single-use: Dispose of it in the bin

4. If your mask is not single-use: Once removed, store your reusable face mask in a plastic bag until you have an opportunity to wash it (i.e. once home).

5. Re-wash hands thoroughly

6. Put on clean face mask* (whilst only handling the straps, ties or clips) but only with clean hands

7. Once home make sure to wash the face mask in line with manufacturer´s instructions at the highest temperature appropriate for the fabric.

* Please try to bring at least one spare clean mask and a plastic bag to every session. If you do not have a spare mask, however a limited supply of them may be provided. Please ask for one.

Further Updates/Possible Future Cancellation of Art Sessions due to Covid-19 circumstances

We all want certainty at this time and I hope not to need to change our arrangements or cancel any sessions due to the Covid-19 situation.

However, in some circumstances, such as change of government guidance, I may need to update arrangements for safety reasons.

In some circumstances I may unfortunately need to cancel art. I cannot ignore external factors and may need to react to events beyond my control. These could be, for example:

  • A national/local lockdown
  • The banning of meeting people outside of your household indoors
  • A (large) increase in numbers of Covid-19 cases nationally or locally
  • The threat of a local/national lockdown (even if one is not imposed)
  • A second wave of Covid-19 appears to be starting (or a second wave appears likely)
  • A change in government guidelines meaning that tuition can no longer take place or the guidelines mean it is no longer practical

I hope that I never need to cancel any sessions, but in all the above scenarios, art sessions would likely need to be cancelled, possibly at short notice. For everyone´s safety, I cannot ignore external risks or changes in law/government guidance, but will try and keep everyone informed as much as I can.

In the event that I have to cancel any art sessions, you will be offered (where you have prepaid for a cancelled session):

  • A ´credit´to be used in the future or (if you prefer) a refund

We may possibly be able to discuss alternative arrangements depending on the scenario.

I hope that I never need to cancel any sessions, but with the possibility of a second wave, etc. I need to take into account external factors when assessing risk

People not following the procedures

I am hopeful never to need to do this, but if (unusually) anyone in my opinion refuses to follow any of the procedures set out on this page, I would unfortunately have to ask the person to leave without receiving the art sessions. No refund for art sessions would be given in these circumstances, as the person would have otherwise been able to do the sessions. This is nothing personal, but is for the safety of everyone.

Updates to this Page/Please check this page regularly

This page may need to be updated over time. Please therefore check this page regularly for updated information.

Any questions

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me on any of the following:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 01329 234648 / 07759 936430
  • By using the contact form below