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Hi, I’m Adam. I normally run informal art classes at Victory Hall in Warsash, Hampshire (between Fareham and Southampton) most Wednesdays between 1pm and 3pm.

Due to the Coronavirus situation, Art Classes cannot take place for the timebeing (as per UK Government guidance). However, I fully intend on resuming the art classes once the Coronavirus situation has passed and it is safe to resume.

Who attends the art classes?

Everyone attending are friendly adults. Most people have been doing art for a while, but some not as long.

The classes themselves give people the opportunity to relax and to socialise. You can easily make new friends at the classes.

I provide informal help and support during the informal classes to help you progress on your artistic journey.

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What makes these art classes different from other ones?

People tell me that the classes are a lot more relaxed than other classes they have experienced. The people who come along feel like they are part of a community of like-minded people who help each other, rather than compete with each other.

The room is also spacious with lots of natural light, which also helps give the classes a relaxed feel.

The number of people who come along will always be kept low. You can be assured that you will receive much more individual attention than in most other classes.

Do I need to be experienced at art to join?

Whatever your ability, you are welcome to come along. Beginners are most welcome.

When are the next art classes?

In normal circumstances classes take place at Victory Hall, Warsash on Wednesdays from 1pm to 3pm.

**With the Coronavirus situation classes are on hold at the moment. I will update this page once classes can resume**

Customer Reviews

‘I really enjoy the sessions. They are fun and I learn a lot from Adam. It is nice to meet other like minded people.

I really enjoy the sessions. They are fun and I learn a lot from Adam. It is nice to meet other like minded people.

Recently joined this group to get back into art, nice small friendly group where you can draw or paint at your own pace.

You can see the full versions of these reviews (and further reviews) by clicking the link below:

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Where are examples of my art work?

Here are some examples of pictures I have created:

farehamtutor co uk example own art 2
Examples of own art
farehamtutor co uk example own art 1
Further examples of own art

Questions and answers about the art sessions are below:

I have no art experience/I have not painted for many years. Is that a problem?

You are welcome to come along to practise your art whatever your ability.

Who supplies the materials?

You need to bring any materials you wish to use at the sessions (paper, paint, paintbrush, apron, table protector, etc.). The reason for this is to keep costs low. If you need help with knowing what to buy, feel free to contact me.

I am not sure whether I want to paint or draw. Is that a problem?

My suggestion is start drawing initially then move onto painting if you wish, but the choice is yours.

What is the group of people like?

Everyone who comes along is very friendly and supportive of others. Most who come along have been doing art for a while, but not all.

What is your role?

I organise the art sessions and the activities. Essentially I act as a tutor to help everyone as a whole as well as you as individuals to develop your skills.

My number aim is to support you during your artistic journey. During art classes I may point out aspects of your pictures that could be improved or suggest alternative ways of doing things.

Art has been a hobby for me for a number of years now and as a tutor can help with most issues. You can see some pictures of mine further up the page.

What is the current pricing?

Each session (2 hours) starts at £12.50 (= works out as £6.25/hour) for pre-booked sessions. You can alternatively ‘pay as you go’ at £13.50/session (= works out as £6.75/hour) with no committment necessary.

For more details, do not hesitate to contact me.

I cannot come every week. Is that a problem?

That is not a problem. You can usually just turn up out of the blue. Please phone me on 01329 234648 / 07759 936430 or email to check availability and dates.

When do sessions run?

Sessions are taking place most Wednesdays term-time. Please see above for confirmed dates, but further dates will be added in the near future.

Can I arrive before 1pm?/Will I have time to pack away, etc?

I arrive at the hall at 12.45 to set the room up for everyone. Strictly speaking the session does not officially start until 1pm, but you are welcome to arrive a few minutes early. (Essentially you can start as soon as the room is ready).

The session officially ends at 3pm, but the hall is hired until 3.15pm, so you have time to clean brushes, wash hands, etc.

This all means that you have (at least) 2 hours to do your art plus enough time to pack away, etc. The idea is to give you a relaxing and unrushed experience.

Are there sinks for water (needed for painting, etc.)?

Yes, the room has the benefit of a kitchen. In there you will find several sinks, so you can easily get water, clean brushes (e.g. used for watercolours), wash your hands, etc.

Are refreshments provided?

Tea and coffee are included in the price (i.e. no additional charge is payable). Please bring a mug along!

How do I book a session?

Contact me on or 01329 234648/07759 936430 at any time.

There is a very quick form to fill in (literally a couple of minutes to complete at most) at your first session/each term.

I still have some questions/How do I contact you?

For further information about the group art sessions in Warsash, please:

  • Email me on
  • Phone (at any time): 01329 234648/07759 936430 (any time between 9am and 9pm)
  • Alternatively please complete the form below

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