German Question Words

This post sets out the key German question words. By the end of reading this post, you should be aware of the main German question words.

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This post focuses mainly on question words in the nominative case. Some question words change in other cases (e.g. the accusative, dative, genetive). I will explain this further in a future post.

Below are the main question words with some simple examples.

How to say ‘What?’ in German

  • Was = What?
  • Example: Was ist das? = What is that?

How to say ‘How?’ in German

  • Wie? = How?
  • Example: Wie alt bist du?  = How old are you? (informal singular ‘you’)

How to say ‘When?’ in German

  • Wann? = When?
  • Example: Wann kommst du an? = When do you arrive? (informal singular ‘you’)

How to say ‘Which?’ in German

  •  Welcher*? = Which (one)? (referring to a masculine singular noun)
  • Welches*?  = Which (one)? (referring to a neuter singular noun)
  • Welche*?  = Which (one)? (referring to a feminine noun)
  • Welche*? = Which (ones)? (referring to a plural noun)


  • Welcher Mann wohnt dort? = Which man lives there? (‘Mann’ (man) is masculine & singular)
  • Welches Buch ist das? = Which book is that? (‘Buch’ (book) is neuter & singular)
  • Welche Frau ist hier? = Which woman is here? (‘Frau’ (woman) is feminine & singular)
  • Welche Bücher liest du? = Which books do you read? (‘Bücher’ (books) is plural)

* ‘Welcher?’, ‘Welches?’ and ‘Welche?’ may change in other cases (accusative/ dative/genitive), but we will discuss this and cases at a future date.

How to say ‘How much?’ in German

  • Wie viel? = How much?
  • Example: Wie viel kostet das? = How much does it cost?

How to say ‘How many?’

  • Wie viele? = How many?
  • Example: Wie viele Hunde hast du? = How many dogs do you have?

How to say ‘Why?’

  • Warum? = Why?
  • e.g. Warum bist du in England? = Why are you in England?

How to say ‘How come?’

  • Wieso? = How come?
  • Example: Wieso ist er in Irland? = How come he is in Ireland?

How to say ‘Where?’

  • Wo? = Where?
  • Example: Wo wohnst du? = Where do you live?

How to say ‘Where….to?’

  • Wohin? = Where to?
  • Example: Wohin gehst du? = Where do you go (to)?

How to say ‘Where ….from?’

  • Woher? = Where from?
  • Example: Woher kommst du? = Where do you come from?

How to say ‘Who/Whom, etc.?’

  • Wer? = Who? (nominative) – Subject
  • Example: Wer bist du? = Who are you?

[Note: In German ‘Wer?’ changes to ‘Wen?’ and ‘Wem?’ in certain circumstances. We will discuss the differences in a post in the future].

How to say ‘Whose?’

  • Wessen? = Whose?
  • Example: Wessen Buch ist das? = Whose book is that?

How to say ‘What kind of….?’

  • Was für….? = What kind of….?
  • Example: Was für ein Auto hast du? = What kind of car do you have?

[Note that ü = ue. This is a sound we do not really have in English, so is difficult to explain here].


How to pronounce German question words

The main points on pronunciation relevant here:

  • In German ‘w‘is pronunced like ‘v‘ in English (e.g. Was? is pronunced like Vas?)
  • In German ‘v‘ is pronunced like a ‘f‘ (Wie viel? is pronunced Vie fiel?)
  • e‘ at the end of a word is pronunced like ‘er‘ in English (Welche? is pronunced Welcher?)
  • BUT when a word ends in ‘ie‘, it is pronunced as ‘ie‘ (Wie? is pronunced Vie?)


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