Future and Conditional Tenses in German

Today we are going to be looking at two new tenses, namely the future and conditional tenses in German. The future tense is when you say ‘will’ in English and the conditional tense ‘would’.

Future Tense

First let’s look at the future tense….

ich werde + infinitive = I will….

du wirst + infinitive = You will…. (informal & singular you)

er/sie/es wird + infinitive = He/She/It will….

wir werden + infinitive = We will….

ihr werdet + infinitive = You will…. (informal & plural you)

sie werden + infinitive = They will….

Sie werden + infinitive = You will…. (formal you)


ich werde machen = I will make

du wirst lesen = You will read (informal & singular you)

er/sie/es wird gehen = He/She/It will go

wir werden fahren = We will travel

ihr werdet sehen = You will see (informal & plural you)

sie werden schlafen = They will sleep

Sie werden essen = You will eat (formal you)

Conditional Tense

Now let’s look at the conditional tense….

ich würde + infinitive = I would….

du würdest + infinitive = You would…. (informal & singular you)

er/sie/es würde + infinitive = He/She/It would….

wir würden + infinitive = We would….

ihr würdet + infinitive = You would…. (informal & plural you)

sie würden + infinitive = They would….

sie würden + infinitive = You would…. (formal you)


ich würde machen = I would make

du würest lesen = You would read (informal & singular you)

er/sie/es würde gehen = He/She/It would go

wir würden fahren = We would travel

ihr würdet sehen = You would see (informal & plural you)

sie würden schlafen = They would sleep

Sie würden essen = You would eat (formal you)

I hope that the above has helped you to work out how to say ‘will’ and ‘would’ in German. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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