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Hi, I currently offer Online French tuition.

Once the Coronavirus situation has passed, I will also offer French tuition in person in Fareham, Hampshire and in Gosport, Portsmouth, Southampton, etc.

This page tells you about my French tuition services, but for for an overview of my language tuition services click here.

When could you do French tuition?

I offer private French classes between 9am and 9pm weekdays. Weekend sessions may be available on request. I can be flexible as regards times.

How long have I been tutoring French?

I started teaching French in 2010. Since then I have helped people with a variety of abilities in this language.

I have helped people to improve their language skills for holidays abroad, moves abroad, etc. Many customers who used my services in the past have moved to France.

What style of teaching do I use during French tuition?

What I teach you and how I teach you depends on your existing ability and your wishes. Regardless of this during sessions, I aim to teach you how to communicate in a natural and logical way.

One amazing thing is French is a language that on the face of it is easy to learn. This is true, particularly because many words in French are similar to ours. However pronunciation is very different. If you pronounce French words like you would in English, often you will not be understood. It is therefore important for us to focus on improving your accent and pronunication over time.

Talking generally, depending on your needs:

  • We will regularly practise your French language skills in a variety of topics and using a variety of structures. By doing this, you improve your range of vocabulary, structure and your accuracy. You also improve your French accent.
  • I will encourage you to practise and work on your language skills between sessions wherever possible. I regularly give people written activities to do between sessions. The activities are entirely optional, but I find that doing a little bit of learning between sessions, whenever possible, does make a real difference to learning progress.
  • We focus on French pronunciation, especially on pronunciation of words which are more challenging for English speakers.
  • Most people want to learn how to communicate in a variety of situations. You would do this by practising using your skills in the situations you are likely to encounter on your trips abroad.
  • Being able to confidently say exactly what you want is also important for many people. The skill of speaking confidently comes from both practice and from knowledge. You will learn and practise how to express wishes, obligations, etc. (e.g. ‘want’, ‘must’, ‘can’, etc.).
  • Conversational French requires you to express when you did things in the past, the present and the future. Depending on how long you do tuition, over time you will learn how to say what you have done in different tenses.

During sessions, my aim is to help you to learn French in a natural and logical way.

All French tuition is private, it is also personalised for your needs. You therefore learn at a rate and in a way that is adapted for you and you alone.

French Tuition Pricing

Below are approximate prices for Online French Tuition for weekly sessions:

One person£33 for 90 minutes
£23 for 60 minutes
£17.75 for 45 minutes*
£12 for 30 minutes*
* These shorter sessions may be available on request
Two people£41.50 for 90 minutes
£28.50 for 60 minutes
£21.85 for 45 minutes*
£15.25 for 30 minutes*
* These shorter sessions may be available on request
Three or more peoplePlease contact me

Short-term, non-weekly or intensive tuition may possibly be more than that shown above.

Travel (when possible in the future) will be extra, but I will try and keep this low.

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