External Links

Below are some useful links for foreign language learners.

I have also put a link to a local petboarder towards the bottom of this page.

Online Foreign Language Dictionaries

Below are some links to some foreign language dictionaries, which at the time of writing are all free of charge to use:

Useful site for helping with foreign translation

The site https://www.linguee.com/ is very useful for when you want to check whether people actually say something in a particular way in a foreign language. You can type in short sentences or expressions either in the foreign language or in English.

Useful foreign language news sites

BBC Mundo translates as ‘BBC World’ and is a Spanish news site.

TVE is a Spanish TV website, which has clips of recent news and more in Spanish.

Le Monde is a French newspaper site with national and international news.

TV 5 Monde is a useful French TV site, which also has clips of recent French as well as international news in French.

La Repubblica and Corriere della Sera are two popular Italian language newspaper sites.

Die Welt is a German language news site, with clips of news events.

DW is a German language news site, which also has options to look at pages in English and many other languages..

Local Business

This is the link to my sister’s pet boarding service website: http://pet-boarding-fareham.co.uk/

She offers pet boarding to small animals, such as guinea pigs, rabbits, etc. in Fareham, Hampshire.