Dutch Tuition

Dutch Tuition

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Hi, I’m Adam, I currently offer Online Dutch tuition.

Once the Coronavirus has passed, I will be able also to offer tuition in person. This could in Fareham, Hampshire or Gosport, Portsmouth, Southampton, etc.

This page talks about Dutch tuition, but for my language tuition services generally please click here for the relevant page.

Teaching Experience

Dutch is a new language for me to teach. Initially I am currently offering Dutch tuition at beginners level. This will change in the future once I build upon my teaching hours in this language*.

*Please note that I have been tutoring languages since 2010, so am very experienced at helping people like you. Dutch however is a new language for me to teach, because I have not previously offered this before. Reviews for my other languages can be seen on my language reviews page here, my Facebook page to give you an idea of my tutoring experience.

How Tuition works

You can either learn by yourself or with friends or family members. Sessions are always private, so you will be the only one(s) learning. You either come to me or I go to you.

The beauty of our sessions is being private is we can focus exclusively on your needs, rather than the needs of a big group (where there will be people with lots of different needs, which will often be different from yours). In particular, the lessons will be at your pace.

When Dutch tuition takes place

You can do tuition any time between 9am and 9pm Monday to Friday. There may however be some flexibility depending on your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions.

What can I expect to do during Dutch tuition?

During lessons we will focus on a mix of speaking practice and theory to help you. Over time your confidence with the language will grow naturally.

What if I know no Dutch?

This is not a problem. No pre-existing knowledge is necessary. In fact, I anticipate that most people will know very little when they first come to see me.

Where do I tutor?

If I can get to you or you can get to me in Fareham, we can do tuition. Living in Fareham means I could travel to Gosport, Portsmouth, Southampton, Winchester, etc.

Is it possible to learn with someone else?

Yes, certainly. You can learn with friends or family members.

How long is a Dutch class?

You can choose between 60, 90 and 120 minutes.

I have never learned a language before and think I will just not pick it up. Can you help?

I will teach you Dutch in a logical way. I will help you to understand the language in a natural and intuitive way. Just because you have not learned a language before does not mean that you cannot learn one now. Tuition will go as quickly or as slowly as you need.

Remember that tuition is focused just on you, so my number one aim is to help you to learn in a way that feels right to you.

What do you charge for Dutch lessons?

Please contact me for details of Dutch Tuition pricing. It is likely to start around £15/hour (for online sessions).

Further information / Contact Form

I welcome all enquiries about Dutch tuition. Feel free to get in contact.

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