Dutch Question Words

The main Dutch question words are below:

Wanneer? = When?

Wat1? = What?

Waarom2? = Why?

Waar? = Where?

Waar….naartoe?/Waar….heen? = Where….to?

Waar….vandaan? = Where….from?

Hoe? = How?

Hoeveel? = How much?/How many?

Hoe vaak? = How often?

Wie? = Who?

Van wie? = Whose?

Welk? = Which?/Which one? (referring to a neuter noun)

Welke? = Which?/Which one? (referring to a common gender noun)

Welke? = Which?/Which ones? (referring to a plural noun or nouns)

Hoezo? = What do you mean?/How can that be? etc.

1 With a preposition ‘Wat?’ becomes ‘Waar….?’, for example ‘Waaraan denk je?’ We will discuss this in the future.

2 If you give an answer ‘Because….’ to the question ‘Waarom?’ you should use ‘omdat’ for ‘because’. This can be used at the start of your sentence if you wish.

Hopefully this post has given you an introduction into Dutch question words. To find out more about my language tuition services click here.