Dutch Future and Conditional Tenses

Today we are going to be looking at the Dutch future and conditional tenses. The future is used when you want to say ‘will’ in English and the conditional when you say ‘would’.

Future Tense

First let’s look at the future tense….

ik zal + infinitive = I will….

jij zult/zal* (zul/zal je?) + infinitive = You will…. (informal & singular you)

hij/zij zal + infinitive = He/She will….

u zult + infinitive = You will…. (formal you)

wij zullen + infinitive = We will….

jullie zullen + infinitive = You will…. (informal & plural you)

zij zullen + infinitive = They will….

* zal is more informal than zult

****The ‘infinitive’ is the dictionary form of the verb ending in ‘en’ e.g. maken = to make, lezen = to read, etc. *****


ik zal maken = I will make

jij zult/zal lezen = You will read (informal & singular you)

hij/zij zal gaan = He/She will go

u zult slapen = You will sleep (formal you)

wij zullen reizen = We will travel

jullie zullen zien = You will see (informal & plural you)

zij zullen eten = They will eat

Conditional Tense

Now let’s look at the conditional tense….

ik zou + infinitive = I would….

jij zou (zou je?) + infinitive = You would…. (informal & singular you)

hij/zij zou + infinitive = He/She would….

u zou(dt*) + infinitive = You would…. (formal you)

wij zouden + infinitive = We would….

jullie zouden + infinitive = You would…. (informal & plural you)

zij zouden + infinitive = They would….

* zoudt is very formal, therefore zou is more common


ik zou maken = I would make

jij zou lezen = You would read (informal & singular you)

hij/zij zou gaan = He/She would go

u zou(dt) reisen = You would travel (formal you)

wij zouden zien = We would see

jullie zouden slapen = You would sleep (informal & plural you)

zij zouden eten = They would eat

Note: The conditional tense is also used to say a statement without knowing whether it is true or not, for example:

  • Het eten in dat restaurant zou lekker zijn. = The food in that restaurant is (meant to be) tasty.

I hope that the above has helped you to work out how to say ‘will’ and ‘would’ in Dutch. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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