Why I have a policy on Cookies

The law says I need to have a Cookie policy in place. However, I have no interest in tracking anybody or using data to identify any individual.

What are cookies?

When you visit most websites your computer or mobile device stores cookies. Cookies do many different things. They allow you to navigate between webpages efficently and help websites work properly.

My website, like most websites, uses cookies and similar technologies.

You choose whether to allow cookies

The law says I can store cookies on your device if strictly necessary for the site to work. For all other types of cookies I need your permission.

Unlike many other sites I leave the decision on cookies to you. Unless you agree to cookies, the site disables all unnecessary cookies.

Some parts of the site may not work if you do not agree to these cookies. On this site this includes, for example, google maps (to show you where I am based).

You can change your mind

You can change your mind. Essentially:

  • If you did not agree to cookies, but you now want to allow cookies you can do so.
    • To do so, click on the Cookie Preferences banner (towards the bottom of the page). Then click on ‘Enable Cookies’.
  • If you agreed to cookies, but want to withdraw your consent to cookies, you can.
    • To do so, click on the Cookie Preferences banner (towards the bottom of the page). Then click on ‘Disable Cookies’.
    • You may also wish to delete cookies from your browser (just in case)).

Banners are annoying, so I only ask you to choose once

When you click ‘Enable cookies’ or ‘Disable cookies’ the site remembers your preference for future visits*. To do this, a log of your preference with your IP address may be kept. The log is primarily for future visits. It also enables me to show complance with the law.

*As explained above, you can change your mind at any time about whether to allow ‘unnecessary’ cookies.

Clicking on external links means you are subject to their privacy policies

If you click on links to certain services or external sites, their Privacy Policies will apply to your use of their services. These are the live chat, links to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

This site uses analytics

Like many websites, I use analytics on this site.

The analytics may tell me the following:

  • whether you are a new or existing visitor to the website
  • your IP address
  • where in the world you are visiting from
  • how long you spend on the website
  • your browser
  • operating system
  • how you reached the website

I only use analytics to make sure that my website is attracting the right visitors. This means I want visitors from the UK who found my site by searching for relevant tuition.

I have no interest in identifying any particular website user. I just want to make sure that my website visitors as a whole are the ones I want to visiting my site.

Keeping the site safe

I use a program on my website to block IP addresses of people who try to access unauthorised parts of my website. This helps to maintain the integrity of the site.

I will not use data to find out the identity of any particular user.

When the program detects malicious activity, the IP address may be reported to an external database. This prevents future unauthorised activities on this and other websites.

If you are a legitimate user of the site, this does not affect you at all.

Privacy Notice

Learn more about who I am, how you can contact me and how I use personal data in my Privacy Notice (for foreign language & law tuition) or Privacy Notice (for art classes).

‘Enable’ or ‘Decline’ cookies

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