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Hi, I’m Adam. I offer Contract Law Tuition Online up to honours degree level .

Once the Coronavirus situation has passed, I will also offer tuition in person. I am based in Fareham, Hampshire, but alternatively will be able to travel to you in Gosport, Portsmouth, Southampton, etc.

What tuition experience do I have?

My first law student used my services just over nine years ago. Since then I have tutored many areas of contract law at degree level (and equivalent) and will happily help anyone studying up to and including degree level. I will therefore happily help anyone studying for university degrees as well as those studying on equivalent degree courses.

What practical experience of contract law do I have?

I have several years’ experience working as a fee earner in a solicitor’s practice. I often checked and drafted contractual documents and advised on contractual obligations in practice. I therefore have a solid practical understanding of how contract law operates in practice as well as theory.

What areas of contract law could we cover during tuition?

Typical areas of contract law we would cover during tuition are:

Invitation to TreatOfferAcceptanceInvitation to create legal relations
ConsiderationDischarge of a contractIllegalityExclusion clauses
CapacityMisrepresentationSpecific PerformanceUndue Influence
Economic duressMistakeContractual remediesQuasi-contract (restitution, etc.)

As well as going through the theory, we will regularly answer past exam questions to ensure you fully understand the theory as well as improve your exam technique. In addition we will regularly discuss the reasoning behind the rules, so that you can answer essay questions and become more analytical in your approach to answering questions generally.

How qualified am I?

I am a Solicitor (non-practising). In relation to contract law specifically I studied it and passed a honours degree exam in it (ILEX Level 6).

How much does one-to-one contract law tuition cost?

Approximate prices for Online Contract Law Tuition (for weekly sessions) are:

One person£12 for 30 minutes*
£17.75 for 45 minutes*
£23 for 60 minutes
£33 for 90 minutes

* These shorter sessions may be available on request
Two people£15.25 for 30 minutes*
£21.85 for 45 minutes*
£28.50 for 60 minutes
£41.50 for 90 minutes
* These shorter sessions may be available on request
Three or more peoplePlease contact me

Short-term, non-weekly or intensive tuition may possibly be more than that shown above.

Travel (when possible in the future) will be extra, but I will try and keep this low.

Customer Reviews

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Why choose me as your law tutor?

I am a Solicitor (non-practising) who has both academic knowledge and years of experience working in legal roles. As well as helping you to understand legal rules, I can help you to understand how the law operates in real-life.

If you can understand how the different legal rules operate in real-life, you will approach exam questions in a much more logical way than students who only have book knowledge.

I hope that I have given you an idea of what I offer and how I could help you with your law studies. You may also see more information about me on my About Me page here. That page talks about my legal background from an academic and professional perspective.

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