Apprehension learning a new language

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Do you have apprehension about learning a new language? If so, you are not alone.

In this country many people are apprehensive about learning a new language. Many people tend to think that people need to be ‘gifted’ or young to learn how to speak a foreign language. This is far from the truth.

Why might someone find it easy to speak more than one language?

Many people speak more than one language. This is often, because they live in a place where more than one language is spoken.

Imagine that you lived in a place where people around you speak two or more languages. If you were brought up in a place like this speaking more than one language would just be normal.

For many people speaking more than one language is completely normal. For some people it is like speaking two or more native languages.

Do you need to be young to learn a language?

It is a myth that you need to learn a language from a young age. Many older people successfully learn a new language from scratch.

Logically the longer someone has to take in the information, the more likely they are to be successful in learning the information.

In essence young people learning a language over many years are going to be better than, say, an older person learning over a fraction of the time. This is not because of the age difference, but because of the amount of time that has been spent on learning.

Does someone need to be ‘gifted’ to speak a foreign language?

It is myth that you need to be ‘gifted’ to be able to speak a foreign language. I find that it is often much more important to have a positive attitude towards learning. In addition having a little patience is important.

You get out of learning the effort you put in

You may learn quickly or you may learn slowly. I feel most people get out of learning what they put in. This is in the sense that the more someone practises the language, the more the person achieves.

Learning to speak a language is about your brain training your brain to connecting the theory to the practical use. Through practice and patience can speaking levels improve.

Can I learn a language if I have limited free time?

Yes, you can. Most people who learn with me are adults with limited free time. People who have limited time may sometimes take longer to learn, simply because they need time to take in the information. This however does not mean they cannot learn.

How is it best to learn?

Everyone is different and has their own learning style. However, it is far better to try and learn over several short bursts during the week. This is far better than looking at something for a long time once a week.

Your brain probably wants to take the information in gradually rather than in one burst.


I feel that anyone with a little bit of energy, positive thinking and a little effort can learn a language. Do not tell yourself that you cannot learn because you are older or have struggled in the past. You can do it.

The most important elements that will lead to successful language learning are to be patient, learn in short bursts and practise your skills. Approaching your learning in a logical and practical way will inevitably lead to success.

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