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Hi! I’m Adam and for the past nine years (and a bit) I have been tutoring mainly foreign languages, but also offer law.

This page is all about me and provides you with background information.

The top half talks about me and my language tuition, whereas the second half about my law tuition experience.

Language Tuition: Background information about me

I’m experienced tutoring Spanish, French, Italian and German. In fact, I started teaching languages in 2010. I’ve recently starting offering Dutch, but am still waiting for my first Dutch learner! (Please someone learn Dutch! I would love to help you!)

Tutoring is my one and only job, so when I’m not tutoring I’m often preparing notes for people or planning for sessions.

The number one message I want to communicate through this website is you don’t need to be gifted to learn a foreign language. If you focus your attention on one foreign language, albeit initially, you may be able to really improve your knowledge and pronunciation in a relatively short period of time.

I started learning most of the languages I teach at a young age (around 25 years or so ago). Dutch is the exception. This is a language I started learning this around five years ago or so. Around 17 years ago or thereabouts I completed A-levels in Spanish and French, AS-level in Italian and a GCSE in German. Most of my knowledge however has come from reading, regularly watching foreign tv and personal study over the many years since then.

Admittedly, no matter how you look at, I started learning languages a long time. However, my strong belief is anyone can learn a language. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been struggling to learn one for a while. If you adapt your approach to learning a language, so that you learn it in a more logical way, you can succeed. Even if you’ve been trying to learn one for a while and feel like you’ve been getting nowhere, you really can learn with me.

Many people think that language learning simply consists of learning long lists of vocabulary. Many people believe that as long as you learn words for things, you will be able to get by.

In reality language learning is not exactly like this. Above everything else you need to learn how to communicate and express yourself. Vocabulary is important, but structure is just as important, if not more important. Learning how to say things like “I would like”, “I need”, “I’m going” are all important, for example.

Learning how to say things in different ways is also important. Learning how to say that you “must” do something as well as “can” or “need” to do something enables you to express yourself more accurately. It also added depth of your conversation and understanding.

Language learning also consists of a lot of repetition and practice. There is no real substitute for practising the language itself. During sessions we would regularly practise your skills, so that speaking a foreign language feels more natural to you.

In most languages accurate pronunciation is also very important. In a language like French, for example, the spelling for many words is very similar to English. If however you prononce it just like English, people will likely have difficulties understanding you. Many people are unsure how to pronounce words and I most certainly can help you with this.

My number one thing I want to communicate is if you want to learn, you can do. It can also be fun. My experience helping a variety of people means I can meet your needs and teach you a language in a natural (and fun!) way.

Do not hesitate to contact me on adam@farehamtutor.co.uk to discuss your needs. I would love to hear from you.

You may also wish to see my language tuition page for information on my language tuition services.

Law Tuition: Background information about me

I am an experienced tutor in law. I started tutoring it in 2010.

The main law areas I would be happy to teach are the following ones:

Company LawContract Law
Criminal LawEuropean Union Law
Tort LawEquity and Trusts
Wills & ProbateConveyancing Practice

As regards qualifications, many years ago I completed university level) in the following law areas:

Property lawConveyancing practiceContract law
Probate & SuccessionTort law
Equity and trusts
Criminal lawEuropean lawPublic law

I have also successfully completed the Legal Practice Course at Bournemouth University in 2010. I was awarded a Commendation

Around a year or so later I completed the Professional Skills Course. Shortly after then I was admitted as a Solicitor (non-practising).

I could apply for a practising certificate. However, I do not currently practise law, as I dedicate my time to tutoring. Paying for a practising certificate is therefore an unnecessary expense for me.

My practical legal experience

Before the Legal Practice Course I worked in law firm for several years. This was as a fee earner. In the role I managed a varied caseload. I regularly gave advice to members of the public on their legal rights and obligations. I also regularly prepared legal documents (such as Wills, leases, contracts, letters with legal advice, etc).

I left the firm, so that I could dedicate my time to complete the Legal Practice Course. I did the course full-time, which was the main reason for leaving the firm.

In 2010, having completed the Legal Practice Course, I started as a law tutor. Over that time I have helped a lot of different people in many law areas.

Contact me today on adam@farehamtutor.co.uk to have a chat about your needs.

You may also wish to look at my law tuition page for details of the tuition services I offer.

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